The Day Before Thanksgiving

So, to begin, it’s my mom’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday! Look forward to being there in December for Christmas!

I’m holidaying now in beautiful Banner Elk, NC. And, since it was open, it was the perfect opportunity to visit the book exchange in the historic school. I came prepared, with books that Mr. K’s in Greenville, SC has passed on, books I was glad to part with (or at the very least, was not overly sad to part with).

Quite A Haul

So, a couple nice looking cook books, some witty poetry, a couple of interesting looking Dan Brown novels (he may not be historically, or otherwise, accurate, but they can be a fun romp), a couple Orson Scott Card novels, etc.

I really need to get my “owned” books loaded in Libib. Goodreads tracking of “owned” books leads me grumpy – it never works on mobile. I know I have all but one of the Harry Potter novels, but couldn’t remember which one… I like the social aspects, but definitely not impressed by the collection aspects.

NOT Betrayed By Gravity

Well, the brewing was going delightfully. Right up to the point of pitching the yeast. It was taking a while to dribble out, so I stuck it in the head of the carboy and walked away to wipe something down.

Then I heard it.


Not a loud noise, but I gasped.

The plastic container for the yeast is now at the bottom of the carboy. Where it will stay for the remainder of the fermentation. I’m sure things would only get worse if I tried to fish it out. Anyway, not suggested practice, but hopefully will have little effect.

I WAS WRONG! The thump was actually it being pushed out of the head of the carboy and landing half a foot away. I just missed it when I looked for it. Apparently, the plastic was rigid enough that the pressure shot it out of the top!

Brew Day

It’s been months since the start of anything new. That ends today! Basically, this is an ordinary bitter, but not the recipe I’ve used previously. There are 40 minutes of boil remaining.

Free Book!

We interrupt this interruption in blog output to make you aware of a free book that might be of interest to you if you are interested in biblical studies and biblical languages. Browsing on facebook, I ran across the following:


A day in the garage

I’m not necessarily a crafty or hands-on kind of guy. But every once in a while I will take an a project, and they usually turn out well enough. In any case, the basement is still destroyed after the re-flooring and office move. I live and work in the midst of piles of books, columns of bins of books, and it is about time for some shelves!

But I didn’t want to just buy shelves. No, the plan is actually a four part wall case…one part eight feet of bookcase, another part TV and board-game rack (plus some additional shelving above?), the third part another book case (much smaller) and the last an end table for the oddly shaped corner. However, based on funds and time, all but the eight foot bookcase are for later.

Here are my plans for the bookcase, all to be accomplished in pine:

Today’s goal was simple: Cut, drill, and stain. Earlier in the week we acquired the parts and some required tools. I did have to make a run for a lost T-square this morning.

But all cuts have been made. Almost all the drilling is complete – one board ended up in sanding while I had moved on to staining, so one of the main sides (L) still needs its holes drilled. All the boards requiring staining have been given a first pass. Some of those will requiring staining of the other side. Some will require further staining because they are thirsty!

Tomorrow, we move forward with the second round of staining. If I can sustain this pace, maybe Saturday I will move to polyurethane. And then we move forward with construction. Exciting!

Leaving Rome

So, the time to leave Rome and head to Umbria had arrived. Or rather, had nearly arrived. Taking the last hour, Kim and I stopped at a small cafe and each had a cappuccino. Kim got a biscotto to go with hers, and some zucchero as well. I took mine straight.

We left, and headed towards the church whose front courtyard hosted most of the outdoor seating for the restaurant Popi Popi, where we ate dinner on our anniversary, first night in Rome. But before getting there, I suggested to instead head to nearby (an extra block or so) Basilica di S. Maria in Trastevere. This church had come highly regarded by the owner of the guest house we were staying at, Kiara (Chiara?).

And glad we did take the extra time, as the inside was lovely.

But, finally time to leave Rome. We headed to the train station, where I found what I was looking for in Rome, a rather thick copy of Il Signore degli Anelli. Obviously, this makes me very happy. This Italian translation of The Lord of the Rings comes complete with color illustrations and exploded renditions of the Middle Earth scripts.

The book store in Roma Termini is three floors, and I had but a few minutes to find it. I did not even get to browse the language section of the store. Maybe another opportunity will present itself in Venice.

And with that, we bid farewell to Rome, and found ourselves soon at La Casella. Now we pause and rest a bit.

Origene: Commento

So, after spending a day (yesterday) in the historical center of Roma, the Forum Romano, then the Palatine Hill, and then finally the Colosseum, it was time to head to the Vatican Museum.

It was decent. I mean to say, there was plenty to enjoy. They really want you to see it all, in the order they have chosen. There really isn’t a way to skip galleries, focus on a particular area or style, etc. You just have to plod through. If such thoughts points me out as unrefined, so be it.

But following the museum, Kim was gracious and accepted that I might enjoy a visit to a libreria on the streetside – a libreria devoted to patristics and theology, with some psychology, student and children’s books as well. So, I picked through to find something interesting and purchased Origine: Commento al Vangelo di Giovanni:

Cover art for Origine: Commento al Vangelo di Giovanni

Looks interesting, at the intersection of a couple loves – theology, biblical studies and language. And not just Italian! Greek, too, on facing pages.

<insert squealing noises here />

Two days into Italy. Many more to go. Leaving the big city and headed for the countryside tomorrow afternoon. Ciao!

Books and more books

Surprising, no?

I recently started Complex Analysis from the Graduate Texts in Mathematics series. Working through some remedial lessons on complex numbers right now, though I am sure I will be under water before long! I really would like to get the matching volume, Problems and Solutions for Complex Analysis. Maybe someone wants to get me a gift?

Complex Analysis was borrowed from the local university library, as was another volume I haven’t started, Mathematical Physics by Kusse and Westwig. Both are the results of struggling through Penrose’s Road to Reality. Enjoying immensely, but I have some math to “catch up” on.

Additionally, I got a new book in the mail (yay, me!), Steven Runge’s Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament. Comes highly rated by people I respect, so looking forward to it.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

More is happening, life flying way too fast. This will have to suffice for now!


Thought I’d share this from my preparation for tonight’s small group:

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,

who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy,

who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Psalm 103:1-5

If you are going through a hard time at present, and this feels forced or isn’t connecting, I pray God will bring you through till this is your prayer.