In The Mail – First Books of 2022

My church is soon to begin a residency program with a pretty awesome reading list. While I may have had a hand in selecting titles, that doesn’t mean I have read and/or possess all of said titles. Never one to shirk from book-acquisition, these came in the mail today:

Looking forward to getting into “Only a Prayer Meeting” first!


Currently mid-way on Intro to New Testament 2 with Tom Schreiner, but in the mail came some of the texts for my next class. I’ll be taking Personal Spiritual Disciplines with Don Whitney over the winter term.

Two of those are extra credit, but look really promising (both the Whitney books). I already had the other texts required for the course, Whitney’s Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Pilgrim’s Progress.

What Are You Reading?

If you are on my blog properly, you will see that my reading list is on display. But I thought I might illuminate my current reading selections, and ask you to share what your nightstand looks like (assuming you have books on your nightstand).

  • Parable of the Sower: I just started this yesterday evening. A friend who is moving offered me the chance to browse and take from her science fiction collection. This one was actually off to the side, but she thumbed it a moment and handed it to me. Valuing my friend’s judgment, I decided it would be an earlier-rather-than-later read. So far, “odd” sums it up – but I’m not far in.
  • The Road to Reality: Penrose, ah, Penrose. He has some fairly non-standard notions about consciousness and quantum mechanics, but that is not really the subject here. Again, a friend suggested this book on quantum mechanics and the mathematical underpinnings, and I am up for a challenge.
  • An Irish Doctor in Peace and War: Love this series. Have been reading this author’s look at medical life in Ireland for some time. I read it to my wife at night, when we aren’t in the middle of a show, such as Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. In other words, I need to get back into it.
  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life: Technically I haven’t started this. But I will today…

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In The Mail: Small Group Edition

I am going to be co-leading a small group this spring on spiritual disciplines. A couple books were suggested to help with planning, and since I didn’t have either in my library, I decided to go ahead and grab them:

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