Words? Bottles?

Welcome to Words and Bottles! I’m George, and this is a blog about all the things that interest me. Which very often involves words. Or bottles.

First, I love learning languages, and have some experience teaching English as well. I have studied a fair few, both of the human and of the programming variety. I also enjoy translation, and spend some of my free time working on software tools that support language learning.

I like to study mathematics and artificial intelligence. And cognition, and quantum theory, and language acquisition, and… Maybe I just enjoy reading a bit more than the budget really allows. And collecting books.

I like to cook, but if you follow long, you will notice I am a stove-top guy. I love a great sauce, the sear on meat, and soups and stews. Canning? Sure! I can bake, but big birds are a thorn in my side and bread…well, we aren’t friends. Coworkers, maybe. We sometimes don’t get along.

I am a brewer/wine-maker, with something almost always in the works. A large portion of that is mead-making, especially braggot (a merger of mead and beer brewing). But I have made some pretty delightful fruit wines (peach, nectarine, blueberry…) and ciders. I am enthused by the art of cocktails. I’d love to play around with distilling, but that pesky federal government!

I am constantly surrounded by the smells of essential oils, thanks to my wife, Kim. Did I mention I have three teenage kids roaming the house?

Through it all I am a follower of Jesus Christ, so many of these things come together in interesting ways. Translation, theology, biblical languages, what it means to be human, enjoying a good communal meal.

Well, that about does it. Stick around, comment some, and enjoy whatever strikes my fancy here.

My family loves the garden, and my wife enjoys getting us in a good shot.